Garden Pinks

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Dianthus Candy Floss

This Pink is ideally suited to plant in containers or near patios to add splashes of colour. The pink flowers are beautifully perfumed and can be enjoyed all summer long. Height 30 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Dianthus Memories

The stunning pure white flowers and lovely spicy fragrance make this a fabulous plant for the garden. Remove spent flowerheads and it will continue to bloom right through Summer and into the Autumn. Height 30 cm.

Dianthus Pretty Flamingo

Large double carmine pink flowers from June to September. Wonderfully scented. Height 35cm.

Dianthus Romance

Delicate pink flowers with a carmine centre. Free flowering and perfumed. Height 25 cm

Dianthus Sugar Plum

The maroon, pink and white flowers are frilly and carry a wonderful fragrance and unique markings. Will be an eye catcher in the garden! Height 25 cm. Spread 20 cm.

Dianthus Waterloo Sunset

With its double rich red flowers, which are very scented and each have a wine coloured eye, this is a very worth while garden plant, flowering all Summer. Height 30 cm. Spread 25 cm