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Libertia caerulescens

The evergreen and stiff leaves will add interest to your border. The pale china blue flowers appear from early to late summer. Likes a sunny position. Height 40 cm. Spread 30 cm

Libertia formosa

The evergreen, stiff and narrow green leaves are arranged in fan and are quite striking when planted. Creamy white flowers from early spring to late summer. Height 40 cm. Spread 45 cm

Libertia grandiflora

Leathery linear leaves with white flowers. Plant in a sunny but sheltered location. Protect from Winter frost. Height 90cm.

Libertia perg. Gold Leaf

Evergreen and easy to grow, this stunning garden plant will provide great autumn colour to border or on patio in a pot. White star-shaped flowers in Spring. Golden-bronze foliage. Height 25cm. Spread 30 cm.